If you've never been to Turtle Lake Resort or if you'd like to see the Resort from a different perspective, we're making it possible to see the Resort like you've never seen it before! Using Google Earth or Google Maps you'll be able to "fly" over the Resort.

You can use a PC, an Android Smartphone or Tablet or your iPhone or iPad.

So let's get started.

To  get the best experience we suggest using Google Earth. If you have it installed on your device you're all set for the next step. If you haven't installed Google Earth, here's how to get it:

PC (desktop or laptop) - go to http://www.google.com/earth, download and install following the directions furnished.

Android Device (tablet or Smartphone) - go to the Google Play Store, search for Google Earth and install

Apple Device (iPhone or iPad) - go to the Apple App Store, search for Google Earth and install.

The next step is very simple. Using any of the devices we've covered above, open Google Earth, search for "Turtle Lake Nudist Resort" and enjoy the view!

The satellite imagery available through Google is quite current. If you navigate to where you can see our new Pool, you will see it just before the new Tiki Bar was constructed.

You can also use Google Maps. On a PC (desktop or laptop) go to www.google.com  and "click" on the "Maps" link (it's located in the upper left hand corner) and you'll be running Google Maps in your browser. Search for "Turtle Lake Resort" and enjoy!

For an Android or Apple device, you can obtain Google Maps from their App Stores. Install Google Maps, search for "Turtle Lake Nudist Resort and enjoy!

We'd like to hear about your experience with "flying" around the Resort so send us an email at: