Retirement Options at Turtle Lake Resort

If you enjoy the clothing free lifestyle, are retired or thinking of retiring, don't look forward to Midwest winters and are looking for options, Turtle Lake Resort has an answer for you!

Many of our Members have Park Models in the Resort and are here from May thru October and as soon as the first chill of fall hits they head for warmer climates. You might want to consider joining them. It's surprisingly affordable!

You may be wondering how you can afford to retire and live the way you want to. The house you live in now is too big, the kids are gone, and now it's too big and too expensive for you to do what you'd really like to do, spend summers here so you're near your family and friends and head south to get away from the cold winter Michigan weather. Chances are, if you're reading this, you enjoy the clothing free life as well.

A nicely configured Park Model at Turtle Lake Resort with an "add on" room costs a lot less than you may think; combined with our affordable lease rates you can spend your summers at the Resort, living in your very nice Park Model Home and still have more than enough money to be comfortably able to spend your winters where it's warm. During the winters you can rent a condominium in or near the many Florida nudists resorts without breaking the bank.

Besides being able to get you set up in a Park Model at Turtle Lake Resort we can offer you information about wintering in Florida or other warm weather destinations. We can put you in touch with our Members who have made this choice themselves and will be more than happy to share their experiences with you.

The picture below shows some of the Park Model Homes art the Resort. There's snow on the ground so you know it's cold here. What you can't tell is that the owners of these units aren't here. Their units are winterized and they're, guess where, gone for  the winter to Florida.

Sound intriguing?

Stop in at the Resort Office, call us (517) 741-7004 or email to: to discuss your needs.