2019 Turtle Lake Resort Golf Tour Schedule  






































Date Event Events/Courses/Restaurants Websites ("clickable")
Sunday, July 28 Golf Meeting - 7PM - Clubhouse Enjoy TLR
Monday, July 29

        1st Golf Day          

Angels's Crossing  - 19th Hole hosted by TLR
Tuesday, July 30 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Wednesday, July 31 2nd Golf Day Stonehedge North
Thursday, August 1 Off Day Enjoy TLR - 19th Hole at TLR.
Friday, August 2 3rd Golf Day Coldwater GC
Saturday, August 3 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Sunday, August 4 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Monday, August 5 4th Golf Day  The Medalist
Tuesday, August 6 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Wednesday, August 7 5th Golf Day Island Hills
Thursday, August 8 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Friday, August 9 6th Golf Day Bella Vista

Join those who have participated in the Turtle Lake Resort Golf Tour - a great golfing event!

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For questions, more information about the Golf Tour or to register for the golf only email to: golf@turtle-lake.net   Room and Site Reservations are made separately through the Turtle Lake Resort Office - Call (517) 741-7004