2018 Turtle Lake Resort Golf Tour Schedule  






































Date Event Events/Courses/Restaurants Websites ("clickable")
Sunday, August 5 Golf Meeting - 7PM - Clubhouse Enjoy TLR
Monday, August 6

        1st Golf Day          

Angels's Crossing  - 19th Hole hosted by TLR
Tuesday, August 7 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Wednesday, August 8 2nd Golf Day Stonehedge North
Thursday, August 9 Off Day Enjoy TLR - 19th Hole at TLR - Gourmet Dinner by Chef Jay G.
Friday, August 10 3rd Golf Day Coldwater GC
Saturday, August 11 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Sunday, August 12 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Monday, August 13 4th Golf Day  The Medalist
Tuesday, August 14 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Wednesday, August 15 5th Golf Day Island Hills
Thursday, August 16 Off Day Enjoy TLR
Friday, August 17 6th Golf Day Bella Vista

Join those who have participated in the Turtle Lake Resort Golf Tour - a great golfing event!

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For questions, more information about the Golf Tour or to register for the golf only email to: golf@turtle-lake.net   Room and Site Reservations are made separately through the Turtle Lake Resort Office - Call (517) 741-7004