Never tried the clothing optional experience? Curious but intimidated by the idea of being naked in public. Wonder what's it's like? Don't worry, you've got lots of company. To provide some help we've put together a few articles and some reference sources for you to look over. Everyone has their "first time experience" and we all survived.

Men and women both face the same uncertainties as they approach their first experience with being nude in public and in front of strangers but their concerns are different. Men, generally, just need to take the first step. Get their clothes off and step out into the world. It's a bit simpler for them. For women, the issue is a bit more complex so most of the material we're putting on this page is directed at women. It is also important to be aware that Turtle Lake Resort strives to maintain an equitable and fair balance between the number of men and women at  the Resort,

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From our Staff

Turtle Lake Resort is a clothing optional resort. Women who visit the resort often have questions regarding social nudism, and feel more comfortable asking another woman about certain sensitive issues. Women usually find that self-acceptance and body acceptance come quickly. They realize that nudists are all builds and not a 10 as most people imagine. Acceptance of oneself leads to acceptance of others. You will find the freedom you experience is a wonderful stress reducer.

First time women visitors can be assured that no one will pressure them to remove their clothes. The only nudity required is when using the pool, hot tub, or lagoon. Any single woman, who visits the resort for the first time, receives a complimentary pass for a free visit when mentioning this letter. You will receive a guided tour of the resort and all your questions would be answered at this time.

However, feel free to call us at (517) 741-7004 if you would like to personally discuss your concerns about social nudism.


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The AANR Web Site (American Association for Nude Recreation) has some excellent information concerning your "first visit".

Follow this direct link:

While you're on the AANR Web Site you may want to have a look at all of the other information available.





Sonya's Story

A young single woman came to Turtle Lake Resort for her first experience with social nudity. This is how she described her experience at Turtle Lake Resort.

Clothing Optional By Sonya Petrakovitz

When I first told some of my friends and family that I would be spending the weekend at a nudist resort, most just seemed to roll their eyes and assume that I wasn’t serious. Why would a 24 year old college student want to go to a nudist resort? Aren’t they just for weird old people?

Of course the short answer is no. During my three days at Turtle Lake Clothing Optional Resort, I spent a lot of time both reflecting on myself, and getting to know some of the people who regularly spend time at nudist resorts.

But why would I want to go in the first place? Many people are afraid that the residents at a nudist resort would be voyeuristic or overly concerned with looking at other nude people. But even though I am a single 24-year-old female, I never once felt unsafe or uncomfortable there. The main, and arguably only, difference between nudists and people, who live in the textile world, is in the idea of openness. All of the traditional resorts, vacation condos, and even family weekend getaways I have been to in the past had a different social-atmosphere than at Turtle Lake. When you take off what we buy to differentiate ourselves from others, fashion clothing and jewelry, you really get to know the person underneath. There is nothing for you to hide behind. It no longer matters what you do for a living or how expensive your pre-washed jeans are since you are just like everyone else. You are who you are, and that is something to celebrate. Other people just enjoy doing regular activities without the hassle of clothing. Even when we are toddlers we have to be forced to wear clothes by people around us. And some of the most prude adults I know have gone skinny dipping and don’t think it is weird or outlandish.

One activity that I found to be very popular and fun is water-volleyball. I had never played water-volleyball before, let alone naked, so I was nervous when I first walked into the nudity required pool and hot tub area. But I was immediately welcomed and invited into the game. Even though it took me several attempts to hit the darn ball or even score a point, everyone was incredibly supportive and inclusive. Besides the pool, hot tub, and Michigan’s only nude beach, Turtle Lake also host several dance parties throughout the year. There are also music festivals, volleyball tournaments, a full golf course, and other events, such as the Soup and Chili Fest I attended that weekend as well. I plan on returning to Turtle Lake with some of my friends in the summer. We could either set up a tent in the camping areas, or rent a room. Either way, it is sure to be a wonderful time!

For more information on Turtle Lake, check out their Website and Facebook page.























Joei's Story

Nearing the end of the film Zorba the Greek, Zorba dances by himself. His arms are spread out and his hands are open toward heaven. He shouts, "everybody needs a little madness." Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I had just spent five days camping at a Good Sam Rally in Centreville, Michigan. Although the staff members were most welcoming, the participants warm and friendly and there were plenty of activities and lots of entertainment the rally seemed endless. The temperature soared to over 95 degrees every day with a humidity index that pushed the temperature to above 105 before noon. To add to our misery we were not permitted to use our air conditioners because of insufficient power at the fairgrounds. My camper became a mini-sauna. Horses sweat and men perspire and women glow? … Then I became a Christmas tree in July. It was our last morning. I had had my coffee and said my good-byes to a few new acquaintances. I was waiting in a slow-moving line at one of the two dumping stations. During my hour-long wait I perused the plastic box sitting on the hump in the center of my truck containing my CDs, maps, a couple of dollar-off coupons at various campgrounds, and low and behold, a one-day pass to a nudist colony in Michigan. It had been sitting, gathering dust, for over a year.  

Michigan is a big state. I decided to check it out on the map, just to kill some time. Union City, by all my calculations, looked about fifty miles away and in the direction that I was heading. I had one extra day before having to be at my next appointment. Before modesty could take hold, my brain went into overdrive and all I could think about was diving into a cool swimming pool; naked, of course. Madness, I tell you. It was sheer madness. I have never done anything like this, nor have I really seriously contemplated doing anything like this. I called the campground and discovered that the pass was still good and "yes, I could camp there overnight." The drive was on main highways and since I suspected that they did NOT have billboards advertising their whereabouts, I called when I reached Union City and got specific directions. I was amazed at my calmness. I still believe that my moistness was due to the weather and not anxiety.

Not knowing what to expect, and knowing full well that I wouldn't run into anyone with whom I was even slightly acquainted, I felt I would probably go (largely) unnoticed as most over fifty, gray-haired, bespectacled, (pleasingly) plump women do. After arriving and checking in I was given (fully clothed by a fully clothed guide) a tour of the facilities. The volleyball court, indoor swimming pool and hot tub, lake with boats for rowing and fishing, a sandy beach and outdoor conversation pool were first rate and inviting in my book. 

For my first venture or should I say "adventure" I decided on the conversation pool.

(A) The first thing that struck me funny was that when I went to strip off my clothes in my camper I was tempted to close the blinds.

(B) Everyone that passed me on the path greeted me and smiled. They gave me the once-over like I was still twenty years old. This was done with a look and a smile. There was no ogling or leering or smirking. I, of course, did the same.

(C) In the conversation pool I was immediately acknowledged and made comfortable enough to join into the conversation. I confessed that this was my first "nudist" experience and I was admired for my bravery.

That afternoon in front of the wide-screen television set in the lounge I was approached by familiar faces. "Hi," the couple said, "had we known that you were a nudist we would have spoken to you about it at the camping rally this morning. "This morning," I responded, "I wasn't a nudist." (So much for not running into anyone I know.) That evening I danced, totally uninhibited, to music on the new jukebox with friends I had met in the pool.

The experience, on a scale of one to ten, was easily a twelve. I am still an over fifty, bespectacled, gray-haired, (pleasingly) plump woman who mostly goes unnoticed in a crowd. Thanks to the one day at Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan I'm back to feeling the way I should ..feminine, beautiful and desirable. The toughest thing about my one-day of madness occurred the next morning when I had to put my clothes back on and go out into the big, anonymous world.

Would I do it again?, in a minute, as soon as the sunburn stops stinging.

Joei Carlton Hossack, a full-time, solo RVer is the author of “Restless from the Start”, “Everyone's Dream Everyone's Nightmare and Kiss This Florida, and “I’m Outta Here”. All 3 books available through Amazon or book 2 and 3 through Alexander Distributor by calling 1-(800)-472-0438