Turtle Lake Resort is located in south central Michigan within easy driving distance of Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Columbus and Windsor, Ontario to name just a few. The area surrounding the Resort is rural Michigan at it's finest. Union City, just two miles away has a grocery store and several restaurants/bars. The cities of Battle Creek and and Coldwater are within 30 minutes of our location and have all the shopping facilities needed so that you can enjoy your stay at Turtle Lake Resort free from the annoyances of a metropolitan area yet be close enough to easily get whatever you may need for your stay.

To avoid driving on poorly maintained Michigan secondary roads you will need to modify the route generally chosen by mapping programs such as Google Maps or vehicle GPS based Navigation systems. The reason for modification is that these systems generally default to the "shortest" route.

Turtle Lake Resort is located approximately 1 mile North of Michigan M60 on 9 Mile Road. The best access to the Resort is to follow M60, from the East or West, to 9 Mile Road and travel North until reaching the Resort.

Interstate 94 runs East & West and passes through Battle Creek, MI. If you take the M66 exit from I94 and travel south about 15 miles you will reach M60. 9 Mile Road is about 7 miles East on M60.

Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road) runs East & West south of Turtle Lake Resort. If you take the I69 North exit from I90 you will reach M60 in about 25 miles. After you take the exit exit West, 9 Mile Roads is about 7 miles further West.

There are many other routes you may choose but as long as you approach Turtle Lake Resort on M60, avoiding secondary roads, your travel should be smooth. 9 Mile Road does need improvements but travel slowly and you will arrive safely at Turtle Lake Resort






2101 9 Mile Road

Union City, Michigan 49094

(517) 741-7004  






Driving Advisory

If you rely on your GPS or Google Maps to get directions to the Resort it is likely that you may be routed through some of Michigan's substandard roads. This is because most navigation systems default to the shortest route. These directions are designed to help you avoid these roads.

























Directions To Turtle Lake Resort