Thank you for visiting the Turtle Lake Resort. The following information is provided to help you to enjoy and utilize the Resort and its facilities. A full copy of our Rules and Regulations may be obtained at the main office.

1) Our “quiet” hours are from 12:00AM to 8:00AM. Please be considerate of others.
2) No more than two (2) vehicles may be parked on a campsite. Park on your site or in the designated overflow parking areas.
3) Pets are allowed in the Resort. All pets must be registered at the office. No more than three (3) pets are allowed. Pets are to be

    leashed at all times and you are expected to clean up after your pets.
4) No pets are allowed in any Resort building or rental rooms.
5) Please place all trash in the provided containers. Please do not litter.
6) There is a public phone located in the Clubhouse.
7) All vehicles are to be operated on designated roads and campsite access routes only.
8) If you wish to enjoy the Clubhouse Pool or Hot Tub, our Conversation Pool, the Beach and Swimming Lagoon please be aware that
    we require that you be nude to enjoy these facilities. Babies must wear waterproof pants.
9) We are a clothing optional resort, however nudity is required when and where practical.
10) Alcoholic beverages are permitted and are to be used in moderation. No underage drinking is tolerated.
11) Illegal drugs are not allowed at the Resort.
12) No illegal firearms or illegal fireworks are allowed at the Resort.
13) Everyone under the age of 18 must be on their campsite by 10:00PM unless accompanied by a parent.
14) Daily Member Car Passes, issued at the Office, must be visible at all times when the vehicle is on the Resort.
15) The use of cameras or video cameras including cell phones cameras are not permitted at the Resort. Only persons authorized by
      Resort Management may possess cameras or video cameras at the Resort.
16) Body jewelry and tattoos are subject to Management approval.
17) All vehicles must be operated in a safe and prudent manner.
18) For your protection of yourself and others always sit on your own towel.
19) No glass containers are allowed in the Resort Common Areas including the Clubhouse, the swimming beach, the Conversation
      Pool and any other such area designated by TLR.
20) Check out time at the Resort’s rented rooms is 11:00AM.
21) Check in time at the Resort’s rented rooms is 2:00PM.
22) The only vehicles allowed on Resort property are properly licensed road worthy vehicles used for personal transportation to and
       from the Resort or golf cart type vehicles with headlights and taillights. "3 wheelers", "4 wheelers" and other utility or
       recreational vehicles are not allowed.
23) No refunds are issued on Daily Membership Fees or Room Rentals.
24) Daily Members must park in the Clubhouse lot or in the Lagoon Parking area.
25) Daily Members are not allowed to drive their vehicles into or through the leased site areas of the Resort. If you have rented a site in these
       areas this rule does not apply to you.
26) Clubhouse and Office hours are posted at the Resort. They are also posted on the Resort’s Web Site.

27) Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend or be on the grounds of Turtle Lake Resort.

Full and Seasonal Memberships are available at the Resort as well as a variety of Leased Campsites. Many Visitors and Guests made their first acquaintance with Turtle Lake Resort during a weekend or one day visit to our facilities and chose to join our Resort as full time Members. Many others have chosen to lease one of our Campsites and make the Turtle Lake family oriented nudist experience a year round experience for them and their families. Our Special Events and Parties also attract many people. Try one and you’ll see for yourself why Turtle Lake Events and Parties are a major attraction.
If you are interested in either a Membership or a leased Campsite, please discuss your options with our Management Staff.

                             Shed the stress and strain of everyday living at Turtle Lake Resort – Naturally!!!!