Turtle Lake Resort Clothing Optional 5K "FUN RUN"

Saturday, June 22th, 2024 - Starting Time 10AM

Our Annual 5K Fun Run is different than most any others because at Turtle Lake Resort you don't need to wear any clothing at all! Clothing is completely optional for our event. Wear clothing if you wish or join in with most of our competitors and wear nothing at all! Our 5K is run entirely on our private grounds. After the fun run stay for the day and enjoy our outdoor or indoor pool or our 12 person hot tub. We also have a dance scheduled for the race day that you are welcome to stay for, all of this at no additional cost beyond your 5K registration fee! Rental rooms and RV sites are also available for those wishing to spend the night or stay longer.

The Race Registration Fee is $45 for "online" registration or "mail in" registration. Day of the event registration at Turtle Lake Resort is also available for the same rate.

Turtle Lake Member Registration Fee is $20.00

 We are providing a finish line timing display so you will know your time.

THE FIRST 120 participants will receive a participation medal commemorating their participation.


No cameras are allowed so your privacy is assured!

Fascinated by the idea of competing in a nude 5K fun run? Give it a try! You will enjoy the experience, everyone does!

We featuring "online" registration for the Turtle Lake Resort 5K. Use the "online" registration to save time. A downloadable "mail in" registration form is also available.

"Click" the following link for "online" registration:

Turtle Lake Resort 5K Online Registration

"Click" the following link for the downloadable mail in registration:

Mail In Registration Form

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